Hat Borgias Laxey Tweed with Feathers


A Laxey Neutral colored Tweed Medieval Hat. A simple style, yet a striking style. Imagine being in the Medieval Marketplace with Henry the VIII subjects and blending right in. Or at a Celtic Festival surrounded by crowds that appreciate Tweed.

Created by a skilled Scottish milliner with access to Tweeds. The hat can be accessorized by a matching Tweed Cloth Brooch with Feathers.  The angle of the Feather Brooch will affect the attitude of the hat (and the wearer!).  The feathers are locally sourced from a nearby Scottish estate.

Sizing is measured by the circumference of your head above your ears.  Refer to sizing chart.

The hat is fully lined and dry clean only. If you seek “DIFFERENCE” this is part of the hat collection that IS!