Book The Lucifer Scroll


Book two: The Lucifer Scroll

Foiled in their attempts to secure Excalibur’s power, the powerful extreme Druid cult pursues another legendary source of world power. Charlemagne, Napoleon and even Hitler believed in the power of the Holy Lance, also known as the Spear of Destiny—the spear that pierced Christ’s side during the crucifixion. From a compound near Neath, Wales and at locations on Anglesey (Yns Mons) in North Wales, the race to seize the lance and gain its power proceeds at breakneck pace. From Istanbul to Ontario, Canada to New Mexico, USA the book lurches from one climax to another. Destructive fires in Illinois to bloody attacks on churches in England the the US, the druid draw closer to their goal.
“Just brilliant”; ”Hang onto your hat as you get swept up into this latest adventure”; “A tale of intrigue that seems to transcend time. It begins with an explosive opening and doesn’t let up until the end.”; “from Ludlum-like intrigue to historical information and enough mysticism to make you ask ‘is this real, or…”

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