About Lords of the Seas

Your Source For Luxury Celtic And Scandinavian Items

Lords of the Seas has been in business for approximately fourteen years. We initially began selling Celtic designed notecards, as we knew Celts like to write and send cards to each other! Slowly we began to add more items to our offerings.

I, as the Celtic and Norse part of the business, am attracted and infatuated with Tartans, the colors, the Clan significance, the traditions, the heritage, the weft and weave. Both the Norse and the Celts had the sheep and the wool as such a large part of their daily existence. Gradually our beautiful woolen, plaid and Tartan accessories were added to our lines of offerings. “Tartan is the thread woven through our history and is the story of our future.”

However, if you wish to discuss Whisky, Land Rovers, Flasks, and Classic Cars, the other half of the business is most willing. Let us say the heritage of the other half of the business is from south of Hadrian’s Wall!

We share a Celtic/Norse Heritage and wish to extend it to others via our business, The Lords of the Seas. The Celts and the Norse were The Lords of the Seas hence our name and our “fierce” (in a good way!) drive for quality and usefulness regarding our products.

We are proud to provide items that support the following Celtic/Norse needs and wants: Tartans which state who we are and where we come from; Tartans in wools that keep us warm and dry; glasses that hold our whisky (whiskey) and Scotch that keep us warm and congenial; crystal decanters that delight us and our guests, lead free pewter Sash Pins and Brooches that attract attention because of their beauty and uniqueness; Brooches that hold our sashes and Plaids securely in place; Clan Histories explaining our origins; Verse and sentiment that come from our hearts and many other items that are dear to the Celtic/Norse soul.

A true Celt/Norse appreciates beauty in many forms. We, The Lords of the Seas, continually strive to provide these types of items for our guests’ satisfaction and enjoyment.

It is pleasurable to observe, at the Festivals and Games, the gathering of people in our tent: laughing, talking, sharing and shopping. We welcome guests and we are so pleased when you find the “right” item.

We hope to continually provide you with the fashion, the function and the beauty of the Celtic and Norse cultures.


Lords of the Seas provide quality Celtic and Viking products