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We are proud to provide unique items that show the heritage of the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Norse. Products such as Tartans that state who we are and where we come from, hats for any function from a garden party to an Irish wedding, glasses that hold our whisky (whiskey) and Scotch, and brooches that hold our sashes securely in place

Quality Tartans and other Artisan Products

A true Celt/Norse appreciates beauty in many forms. We continually strive to provide quality unique artisan Celtic and Nordic products for our guests enjoyment. Our products represent the best of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Scandinavia. If you’re looking for truly authentic products made of high quality materials such as a Harris Tweed or handmade lambswool, you’re in the right place!


The Scottish...

The Scottish reveal their clan or family by their signature Tartans or Plaids, whether by birthright or District. Colorful, exceptional quality and locally sourced are important attributes for Scots who take such great pride in staying true to their culture. Variable weather in Scotland demands a fiber that will keep a Scot very warm or very dry…sheep and their wool come to the rescue!


The Welsh...

The Welsh are a branch of the Celts who are so different from their Gaelic Celtic cousins, the Scottish and the Irish. Distinctly independent, bound by their customs and culture, the Welsh prefer items that are fit for an active, rugged lifestyle…yet still allows them to gather together and sing so powerfully!

The Scandinavians...

The Vikings revel in their relationship with Mother Nature. Harsh weather in the winter dictates quality woolen clothing with splashes of bright colors to ward off the greyness outside. Come summer, it’s hard to bring a Viking inside due to the long hours of sun…but the chill may be in the air. Perfect for a stylish, light wool Stole to fight off the chill.


The Irish...

The Irish, as a group, are one the earliest weavers of Plaids incorporating colors. Function, beauty and elegant simplicity are the key components of Irish Clothing, Celtic Art, Literature and Architecture. These components are still as alive today as they were in the Neolithic age.

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