Matching Set: “My Arms and Armor” Belt Buckle & Plaid Brooch


Tired of flimsy, fake metal pins and brooches? We have a solution for you! The matching set consisting of a very sturdy Belt Buckle and Sturdy Plaid Brooch is what is needed! The Belt Buckle is a lead free, jewelry grade pewter of weight with a steel cut plate on the back of the buckle to prevent stretching or breakage.
The Plaid Brooch of the same high quality pewter and proportionally designed to secure your sash or Fly Plaid.

The Plaid Brooch is also excellent to secure the material of the Great Kilt at the shoulder.

Crafted in the USA and has stunning details (note Claymores and Dirk) on both the Belt Buckle and the Plaid Brooch. Both pieces come with a guarantee to fix or replace the item if necessary.

Art, beauty and function…the quintessence of the Celtic Spirit!

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