Stole Tartan All Red/Other Tartans Can be Ordered


A Tartan woven wool stole so soft and so light, yet capable of keeping you warm. Created by the world’s largest manufacturer of Tartans, woven in Scotland, and who pride themselves on skilled craftmanship and contemporary design. The Stole measures 18″ x 72″ with a light fringe edges. It is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways! And if you do not have a Clan Tartan, but love Tartans, we offer on our website, the Tartans that can be worn by all. :+)

Their motto is “Tartan is the thread woven through our history and is the story of our future” and resonates in over 500 Tartans they weave.

So forget your sweater and wear your heritage! Your Tartan can be specially made into a Stole…just let us know your Tartan under the Contact Us section on the website. (Pins and Brooches may be purchased separately).

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