Plaid Brooch& Belt Buckle Matching Set Highland Gothic


The Cultures of the Scottish Highlands, the Medieval French  and the Viking Art are all intwined to form a Muti-cultural piece that represents a vast collection of people.  Symbolically speaking, this design also represents…the union of art and people with complicated histories that all come together as one.

The Plaid Brooch is approximately 98 mm across and is jewelry grade pewter with the most intricate details.  The Belt Buckle is crafted from the same material.  However, on the back of the Belt Buckle there is a hydro cut steel plate soldered   to the Belt Buckle to prevent stretching or breaking.  Not only do you have superior quality in both items, but a lifetime guarantee to fix or replace also comes with the items.

We are proud to say the Plaid Brooch and Belt Buckle are made in the USA and from a quality Family Forge business.  The two items come as a matching set.

For sure, this Plaid Brooch and Belt Buckle…speaks beauty and uniqueness.    Make it yours!

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