Hat Tomte Nisse Luva


In addition to the Santa Tomte Luva Hat, we also love the Tomte Nisse Luva Hat which has a longer height and is more “elfin” like.  This type of hat is worn by the Nisse, little people that help the humans with their work, to ease some of the human’s burdens.  The Nisse can be very mischievious, so one has to keep a close watch on them.

A beautiful red knitted yarn hat, with crisp white trim and a point of the hat with a full pom-pom.  Perfect for your Santa Helpers as they pass out the Christmas presents.  A wonderful hat that captures the magic of Christmas, the magic of helping and the spirit of the Scandinavian and Norse culture.   Hand knitted by a skilled Scandinavian.  Gently machine wash.  Child size.

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