Book The Excalibur Parchment


Book One: The Excalibur Parchment

This suspense thriller set in medieval and modern times, explores the legend of Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword and its legendary supernatural powers. It is lusted after in the 1300’s and today as extremists want the sword and world domination while a Welsh professor and American journalist do their best to thwart them. From gripping terrorist threats in Washington and London, the plot races along. Who will get the sword first? Wales is the setting for much of the action, particularly the valleys of South Wales. Each of the books in the series is stand-alone, though the main characters largely appear throughout.
“A rip-roaring ride”; “Each chapter left us craving for more, anxious for the next so we could indulge in this feast of words”; “A mesmerizing story”’

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