Book The Prince Madoc Secret


Book three: The Prince Madoc Secret

Dipping into Welsh legends once again, the series continues it’s explosive themes of intrigue, history and power lust. This time to target is secrets found and horded by the Templars. Did some of the Templar treasure cross the Atlantic with Welsh Prince Madoc some 300 years before Columbus? If so, are the myths of Welsh-speaking tribes in North America true/ And what link does the Madoc story have to do with a massive plot against American, born in the heart of Washington DC, have to do with it? From Aberystwyth to San Francisco, from St. David’s Cathedral in Wales to the Pentagon, the pace is unrelenting. Will our Welsh professor and American journalist survive long enough to thwart the final unprecedented terrorist attack on New York?
“Didn’t think the series could get better. But it did.”; “managed to ring all my reading bells”; “Welsh history at its best and most enjoyable”; “felt like I was reading news headlines, not a novel”; “Couldn’t put it down. Kept saying ‘one more chapter” but didn’t listen to myself”

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