We are beginning to Blog…

Hello All:  We are beginning our Blogs since we have so many things to say and share!  The Scottish Games and Festivals season is slowing down so we can begin to think about the 2023 year and what needs to be done.

However, as we reflect on this year, there are so many stories of what has happened to many people during 2022.  Some stories make you laugh, some are sad and some are tragic.  Above all, though, it is good to be able to share stories with each other as we add another year to life’s experiences.

Lords of the Seas is committed to bringing you the finest items and the newest trends.  We, however, appreciate the history of what items we sell, and are constantly learning and hoping that we share our learning with you.  That’s what it really is about…sharing knowledge with each other.  So when we find items of interest, we will post them.  Slainte Mhath for the Celts and Skal for the Scandinavians!

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